Current Affairs

Having started my career in print journalism at the political monthly Prospect, I then benefited from comprehensive journalistic and investigative training at BBC Northern Ireland.I am well versed in editorial policy, media law and Ofcom regulations and have produced live programmes aned worked on pre-recorded investigative strands.

My Current Affairs experience includes politics (docs for BBC2, a profile of President Obama for C4), economics and business stories (for BBC World), investigative journalism (BBC Spotlight), fast-turnaround current affairs shows (C4 Austrian Fritzl case), and presenter-led films on social issues (e.g., Fiona Phillips's investigation of UK dementia care).

I carry out thorough research fast; script and plan shoots and edits as far ahead as possible, while remaining flexible in order to respond to the news cycle. I stay calm and work effectively under pressure, making fast editorial judgments, motivating talent, crew and contributors. Going into the edit with a solid structure and visual ideas, I keep on top of scripting, liaising with execs and commissioners, and thus contributing to a positive viewing environment.

For BBC Current Affairs, I have worked on two BBC TWO documentaries (presented by Michael Portillo and Robert Peston respectively) about the Eurozone debt crisis. Our interviewees included ECB executive board members, Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, whom I interviewed.

My 2009 film ‘Ditching the Dollar’ for BBC World explored the ideas of Nobel Economist Robert Mundell that a single global currency would eliminate imbalances and crises. In order to make the idea of currencies come to life visually, I featured world maps made up of international bank notes (the work of an artist who cuts up bank notes to create world map collages).